scluptures made from steel

Dal Fabrro's Chariot

The idea behind this sculpture originated in my interest in machinery, contraptions and the “ found object” tradition in contemporary art. I have also maintained an interest in the human figure and objects that have analogies to aspects of human anatomy.

My own background, the industrial North East of England has also been significant in shaping my perspective on forms from the every day world that fascinate me as potentials for art works.

Thus, the combination of derelict rolling stock and the 1930’s furniture of Mario Dal Fabrro, had a sympathy of scale, form and function that was appropriate to the realisation of this project with Beetham

I have decided to activate the lobby area space by locating an object-based sculpture within the area directly facing the concrete lift shaft. This sculpture intellectually locates the hotel within a rich industrial heritage, as well as a vibrant contemporary sphere.

The sculpture is a blend of influences that encompass early C20th domestic inventions, (ironing boards that convert into step ladders), rolling stock and garment templates common to the fashion & textiles industry. It also references navigational instruments and has the visual capacity to be regarded as an instant landmark or meeting place for the community of Liverpool and beyond. The sculpture also has distinct elements of play, which embraces the commonly held perception of Liverpool as a city distinct in its local traditions and celebration of its culture, globally.

The size of the sculpture responds to the infinite recessional space of the atrium. The ladder (at the back of the sculpture) amplifies the sense of infinity within the main atrium. This notion of an endless perspective, (timelessness), is important within the concept of the sculpture as well as the internal structure of the building.


Dal Fabrro's Chariot - 2004
Corten & stainless steel - Height 28 feet
Beetham Towers, Old Hall Street, Liverpool Commissioned by Plan Art for Beetham Organization

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