scluptures made from steel


This opportunity came about through direct contact from Talal Mulalah, who was looking for a range of artists, worldwide, to participate at the first EMAAR International sculpture Symposium in Dubai. The aim of the symposium was to foster cross cultural links and to make a series of artworks for the Burgh Dubai, the world tallest tower.

The sculpture was made using an entirely different materials to those I had been using in Europe,corten and stainless steel, and this was primarily because of the location and climate. The sculpture is made from a combination of mild steel, galvanized steel and glass. The process demanded cross border partnerships with several industries located in Dubai over the two weeks period of making the sculpture.

The glass section of the sculpture is made from 8-mm thick cobalt blue glass, and its form is taken from a projected shadow of the upright sculpture it is attached to. The idea here was to turn the shadow into a reflection and given the penetrating light of the locale, it was successful, reflecting shapes and patterns throughout the site.

The Klansman is inspired by earlier works I had made in Sydney, for Sculpture by the Sea, and also by a remarkable Phillip Guston exhibition I had just seen at the Royal Academy of Art in London. Gustons "The Studio' and "Bad habits" are amongst a series of paintings I have long admired. The shapes and forms in these paintings are resonant of the tailored garment template form which is the basis for my own sculpture.

The Klansman.
Steel and Glass. Height 14 feet.
Commissioned by EMAAR for the Burgh Dubai, U.A.E.


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