scluptures made from steel

Sculpturesite Gallery. San Francisco

My exhibition at Sculpturesite Gallery is part of the opening of a new gallery within the vibrant conference quarter of San Francisco. The Directors of the gallery have invited me to exhibit a number of wall-based artworks as well as sculptures for the show. Further details of other exhibitors in this Group Exhibition can be located at

The works exhibited in this exhibition draw on my current practice, sculpture in the Public Realm and the Absent Presence series of wall based artworks. All of this output has one thing in common and that is the use of garment contour patterns which I use as a metaphor for the human body.

My work is derived from contemplation of garment template contours, because of their connotations to the human figure. These elegant abstract forms also relate to the found object tradition in Fine Art, and this is something I have also been influenced by.

Industrial, and machine forms, reflecting on human ingenuity, and resonant of the human figure are also important in the development of my ideas. The confluence of these starting points is the foundation for my studio practice, including work in the Public Realm.

The sense of the figure, or allusion to the human body, is vital when developing my ideas for large-scale artworks. The tailored shapes are interesting in this respect, since they form part of the identity of the body. The outwardly abstract reading of these works demand a certain degree of decoding by the viewer, as they enjoy an interplay of figure-based imagery and elegant abstract form.

The progression of concepts into metal, contextualises these ideas into theories relating to industrial archaeology: specifically exploring the locale.

My work in this exhibition forms a precursor to a much larger solo show of my work scheduled for next September at Sculpturesite Gallery and my first in California.

Sculpturesite Gallery 2005
San Francisco


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