scluptures made from steel

By Hook or By Crook

This is a collaborative project between John Atkin and Murray & Associates, Joe Doyle Architects for Tesco Ireland. The sculpture will be sited in July 2007 and commemorates the significant contribution of Pierce Engineering to the economy of Ireland and its significant worldwide industrial footprint relating to agricultural innovation.

Atkin has made a number of research visits to Wexford to explore the ways in which Pierce Engineering's industrial legacy had left its mark on Wexford. His study visits to Johnstown Agricultural Museum and conversations with its Curator, Austin O'Sullivan stimulated a range of drawings and 3D studies of Pierce engineering agricultural forms, which form a significant part of the collection at Johnstown.

The socio-economic impact of Pierce's legacy on the community was also important and Atkin has worked closely with Maeve O'Neil and Tim Austin (Murray & Associates) on ways by which the sculpture can be incorporated into their landscape design for Tesco Ireland.

The finished sculpture, made from corten and stainless steel, with oak details, will stands 16 feet tall. Its forms are culled from observational studies relating directly to the heritage of pierce Engineering, to make a form resonant of machinery and an identity to do with Pierce Engineering.

By Hook or By Crook - 2007
Corten & stainless steel, Oak Details -
Commissioned by Tesco's Ireland

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