scluptures made from steel

The Sentinel

Sentinel came about through an invitation by David Handley, Director, Sculpture by the Sea, Sydney, to exhibit a new sculpture as part of their annual exhibition along the Bondi Coastline. This was an opportunity for me to visit a country, which had proved to be an inspiration for a great deal of my output, between 1988-1990, and a way of reflecting on how my work had evolved over the 14 year interlude since my last series of visits to Australia.

In addition, SXS invited me to be keynote speaker at the Art Gallery of NSW where I lectured on the Cass Sculpture Foundation, the first 10 years of Goodwoods’ impact on the contemporary art world, and its relationship to the evolving face of British Sculpture.

I was also invited to take a Master Class in drawing at the Tom Bass Sculpture Studio School in Sydney and was privileged to work with a dedicated group of staff and a range of talented students.

My sculpture, Sentinel formed part of an exhibit at Marks Park, Bondi, a high promontory with spectacular views across the Tasman Sea.

The shape and form of the sculpture, derived from studies of garment contour patterns and industrial rolling stock, had distinct figurative connotations. Its title appropriate to the isolation of the locale, and vistas across the headland. The rich red patina of the sculpture referenced the iron infused centre of this continent, a potent memory from my early visits to Australia; its overall form resonant of the Pinnacles Dessert in Western Australia, a spectacular landmass that I had visited in 1990.

Two versions of this sculpture exist, (the other, entitled “Klansman”, in Dubai), made from different materials and reflective of the environment and setting.

Sentinel forms part of a series of ongoing artworks, which reflect my interest in the Found Object tradition in Modern and Contemporary Art, through the use of garment templates, which act as metaphors for the human body, and allude to ideas relating to identity.

Sentinel - 2004
Corten & stainless steel - Height 278 cm
Commissioned by Sculpture by the Sea, Sydney Collection, Robert Holmes a Court. Perth

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