scluptures made from steel

Landing Gear

Much of Atkin’s output over the past three years has been focussed on ideas relating to urban regeneration and how sculpture based practice can be incorporated into the field of urban design as well as public art.

Atkin’s experience of working with landscape architects and urban designers has led him into a fresh territory that overlaps with his long-standing interest in the objet-trouve tradition in Modern & Contemporary Art.

Many centres of urban renewal have a rich heritage dynamic that Atkin seeks to explore in his own work. This not only allows him to continue with his interest in the found-object, but also allows him to examine the historical associations of towns and cities through collaboration with landscape architects and urban designers. This can be quite varied: ranging from maritime inspiration; heavy industry; celebrating human ingenuity.

Landing Gear is part of an amalgam of ideas that have been born out of this activity, with shapes and forms, resonant of human endeavour: at one and the same time reflective of the human presence. The shapes and forms of this sculpture have been culled from a variety of sculptures that he has worked on in the studio: eventually juxtaposing these shapes and forms into a sculpture that exposes the historical references that underpin the evolution of the artwork and his own output since 1982.

Early twentieth century stern castings from the hulls of ships, as well as drawings of derelict landing gear from aeroplanes form the basis of the sculpture. These forms are manipulated and tested within his studio until he can finally begin to translate maquettes into full-scale sculptures.

By moving these artworks out of the gallery and into the public realm, Atkin hopes to stimulate a debate about the role of art within everyday culture and how, through partnership, it can foster stimulating streetscapes for future generations.


Landing Gear - June 2006
RBS. London.


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