scluptures made from steel


NZ323135 is the title of the Morton Palms sculpture, and refers to the ordinance survey reference point for the coordinates of the artwork. Location, history and economic progression were all key components of the commission brief delivered by City & Northern, and presented me with a range of exciting possibilities for the site.

My interest in urban regeneration and how an artwork can explore the cultural history of a region, as well as its industrial archeology, is well documented within my output. The machine age is of significant interest to me, as is the notion of the figure within the context of the machine. Mapping and human anatomy are also important and very much part of the age we live in. To this end, I employ the use of garment contours, tailors patterns, within the overall form of the sculpture as a metaphor for the human body.

This sculpture refers to past industrial achievements of the locale, through the use of corten steel within the lower section of the sculpture. The undulating upper stainless steel section is representative of the present day, changes in industry and employment. The surfaces of the sculpture reflect the colour and activity of its surroundings, bringing the landscape into the heart of the working community.

The competition was organised and funded by Commissions North at Arts Council North East and coordinated by Darlington Borough Council’s Public Arts Officer, Wendy Scott. The commission has been made possible through the financial support of City and Northern.

The sculpture is representative of a unique opportunity for me to collaborate with developers who are keen to invest in culture at the heart of a working community, and to create the first of a series of landmark sculptures, which reflects on the history of the site, as well as future aspirations for the continued success of the region.


NZ323135 - 2005
Corten & stainless steel - Height 5 meters
Commissioned by Commissions North and funded by City & Northern.


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